Oldhead Webseries chronicles the authenticity of the urban culture in Philadelphia. An “Oldhead” is an authoritative figure in the Philadelphia community who passes down wisdom to the younger generation. In this series, we are determined to shed light on some of the socio-economic issues inner city youth face such as drugs, violence, crime and a lack of resources for proper education, housing and health that aren’t often discussed on television or in the media. As our audience knows, any youth growing up in an urban community without a male authority figure in their life is forced to face the aforementioned challenges on their own. Therefore in each episode, we aim to empower and educate our audience to pay attention to the older male leaders in their communities including the coaches, parents and other authority figures that want to help young people fulfill their dreams and ultimately become successful.

Created by Tony Chennault, Oldhead Webseries stars Philadelphia natives Drew Thompson, Allen “ Facemoney” Hammond, Kyseem Roberts, Joshua Meekins, Mack, Lonnie Roberts and rapper Real Dappa (Anthony Samuels).

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