The Stay Spoke project is a video series that captures lyricist, poets, and rappers sharing their views on racism, police brutality, and other social justice issues Black people face in America. The project was inspired by Jesse Williams’ speech at the BET Awards and fueled by the recent murders of Black people by the hands of the police. We hope it encourages continuous dialogue and for people to take non-violent action in order to make a change.

This episode of Stay Spoke features lyricist/artist Corey J.

Corey J’S BIO: Corey J. is a New York based rapper.

PIECE TITLED: Life UnTold Life UnTold is a song inspired by the injustice and lack of unity within communities populated by minorities. It was written as a way to help people realize the realities of our world and the struggle of everyday life.

Stay Spoke: Corey J.

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